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Originally Posted by tampamark View Post
Ha, don't be bitter!

We could all unload on a new owner by bringing up all the possible pitfalls these cars have since there are so many, unless they ask of course. As you have seen there are plenty of folks who have never had a top unlocked error, also plenty that have!

The best policy is to simply welcome them aboard.

Ahh 'cmon, I did put a "J/K" in there and ended with "Have fun with the new ride!"

I think I saw the picture of a black '07 (just like mine which is going back in for the 10th time next week), and I just couldn't help myself.

But to the OP, as roseng noted above, he also has a black '07 and has never had the issue, so don't fret on my account. My apologies in not being more positive on the welcome!

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