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Originally Posted by jdauria View Post
+1, I don't understand how this would be stupid. (Then again, I do this on my e46 so its obviously lower than my X3) Everyone keeps talking about this "milkshake" effect, but honestly how much oil do you think is left over...The extractor holds 6.9 qts, and whenver I do this change it always fills up. Even if there is oil left over its not going to harm your engine.

I've been doing this for the last 5 oil changes, no issues whatsoever.

Only reason why I do this is because
1) its cheaper than having someone else do it
2) Don't have to jack up the car
3) Don't have to get under the car
4) I live in an Apt/Townhouse, I do not have my own driveway, so being able to do this in a parking spot is much easier.
The milkshake effect I was referring to is the thin film that I've always found on the bottom of engine oil pans I've opened up. It would seem to me that the process of sucking the oil out from the top would allow this film (of what I suspect is settled debris from combustion blow-by) to build up over time. As I said before I may be too anal about this but pulling the plug makes me feel better. That being said I have a 24' x 30' fully equipped shop to do my work in and I'm retired so I have nothing but time. Plus my county takes used oil at what they call Environmal Collection Centers of which there are two within a short drive of my house. If I lived in an apartment in the city (the thought of which makes me cringe).... I would probably do it your way and just live with it. Of course mine is an '09 with an N52 engine which has no dipstick so I only have one choice.
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