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Originally Posted by Matrixolution View Post

- I liked how the truck popped open all the way up when I released the truck from inside or remote open trunk from remote.

- mileage was excellent. It's about 150km (93 miles) round trip between dealer and my office. Got the loaner at full tank. When returning the indicator was still above "Full". Didn't need to fill up upon return. Though i was driving 25% in Sport Mode, 25% in Comfort Mode, and 50% in Eco Mode.


- Did not like the Auto Start Stop. I was gunning at a red light and forgot to turn off ASS mode. I felt like a newbee driving a stick and stalling in the middle of the intersection... so embarassing.

- Interior felt plasticky. Both my E90 and the loaner F30 are leatherette. But the leatherette in the loaner felt a lot plastickier.

- In terms of driving (sorry, i'm not expert here), it felt under power compare to mine. With it in DS mode, it just didn't feel the same way as mine.. i guess "lagging" would be the term.
Funny, I had the exact opposite reaction to the 'ette in the F30. Overall, the interior felt el cheapo to me, but I felt like the 'ette was a lot better than what I've experienced in E90 loaners.
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