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The permanent nature of the auto-dimming mirrors is absurd, and the fact that even my wife's five year-old Subaru wagon has a simple "on-off" button for the feature on the center mirror and BMW does not, is twice as absurd. If you drive on the freeways of downtown LA at night, surrounded by dozens of buzzing and slicing lowered Honda Civics, you want to know exactly where every bit of every other car is, every second. The BMW auto-dimming mirrors get so damn dark, that you notice the arrival of new cars several seconds later than you would have otherwise, usually when they are right on top of you or crossing behind you into a space you had your own eye on. Plus, the devil is in the details; I notice or see plenty of information in the shadows - the rear 1/3 of a car who's headlights I never would have seen because of alignment in any mirror but I spot them instantly because of reflections and highlights in an un-dimmed mirror. With the stupid-dark BMW dimmed mirrors, you will NEVER see a bit of that same car if you didn't see their headlights first. To me the system is ridiculously unsafe, for that reason. I don't care at all about how bright somebody else's headlights are; I can always move to wherever I have to to lose them. But even that is harder with a "Blacked-Out" side mirror, since any delay in figuring-out what you're seeing is not what driving or the "Ultimate Driving Machine" is supposed to be about. So I have my little systems also, to block the sensor - but the Tic Tac door takes the cake. Proof of how stupid the system is? When I open my garage from inside the car in broad daylight, the ambient daylight outside completely sends all my mirrors black, when I need to check them on general principle to back-out past the afore-mentioned Subaru. Please...
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