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Originally Posted by itswendy View Post
I just got the car back, eight days later. The receipt says, in summary: CIC headunit shorted (1381) FC s010A media oriented system transport ring break stored, performed test plan etc., test plan stated to replace cic head unit diagcode D6510_HU00000_90_001 etc. Created PUMA case, explained etc. PUMA said to create a TX XASE, created TC Case, replaced CIC headunit, performed programming/encoding with enabling codes, after prog concluding work notes stated to interrogate fault memory, interrogated fault memory and cleared faults. Verified correct. etc.

All I was told was that the iDrive was replaced. I noticed my Sirius pre-sets were gone, my map points were gone, but my phone Bluetooth records were still paird and in the car. We'll see how it goes.
Presets are stored in the CIC so those are gone once the CIC is gone. Phone contacts are uploaded once to the Combox via Bluetooth from your phone and then saved in the CIC. Any subsequent pairing will look to changes in the phonebook and upload those as well.
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