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Originally Posted by Jamesonsviggen View Post
My car with a $30k sticker was negotiated to $23,500, which was 4 cylinder Accord money. Leases were as low as $229 when the F30 was no lower than $359. You are talking about a 30% difference in price.

Now I agree, a fully loaded CC at $40 is silly. I would never pay that.
$30K sticker negotiated down to $23.5K? It would seem that a bunch of incentives applied and the car was sold under invoice. Typically on a $30K VW the invoice would be about $26,000 or so.

In any event, that was then and this is now. Right now I have seen VW lease "deals" of about $200 or so a month on a GOLF. Not a Jetta. Not a CC. A Golf.

And, no offense on the styling, but the CC reminds me of the Dodge Intrepid that I had as a company fleet vehicle for a few years;

As I said, styling is a personal and subjective thing but I think my new F30 spanks that kind of styling 10 ways from sunday.

I don't provide lease/finance advice via personal message, so please don't PM me asking for personal assistance with your lease. My time is valuable as is yours, thanks.

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