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Originally Posted by voip-ninja View Post
Obviously styling is a personal preference but I think the CC is ugly as sin. It has too much of the bubble/swoop styling that was popular a few years ago but which now has gone by the wayside in higher end cars.

Also, if the torque steer of the FWD CC with the 2.0T is anything like the A4 2.0T I test drove, there's no way in hell I would get one. I really liked the A4 overall on my test drive (after all I've been driving A4s for like 11 years) but I would have opted for Quattro.

With options a CC is bumping into $40K territory and has worse residual value. On a lease, the 328 is really not much more expensive.
You mean the same styling as the current Mercedes CLS, BMW Gran Coupe and similar to the Audi A7? And I'm not looking to spend $40K on a CC, the Sport model is about $31K well enough optioned for me.
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