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Thanks guys. Tried to make it to Carmax today but ran out of time. Will try again tomorrow morning. I think the dealer will offer a fair price, though one can never be sure. Living in South Florida is also unique, as, like some other areas of the country, many customers are not concerned with any "deal"...a few thousand here or there is pocket change. When the dealer cannot keep X6s or 7s on the lot due to high sales, it makes me cautious.

rs328 - When you note placing a deposit, did that mean you ordered your car? I'm curious how it works with a trade and ordering and that one-two month delay between deposit and delivery. A trade value for future trade based on X amount of maximum miles and same condition? Next year when we trade my truck (scheduling for May or June delivery) we may not have the luxury of trading (giving) the truck straight away and being a one car household for two months... I'm still using the truck for some remodeling projects here at home, and we're making a vacation of ED (possible honeymoon...kill two birds with one stone, if you will) so that's another thing on my mind.
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