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Originally Posted by eros22 View Post
Thanks for all the responses -- especially the last one -- Dave330i. No I was not trying to glorify my accomplishments. I was trying to state that I am not as affluent as most M3 owners would be. But I have worked hard to get to where I want to be and just wanted some feedback as to what other owners have experienced. I frankly don't care how much money any one has. I love to work hard and saving ten years was well worth the effort to have this car. I rather work for my things than "have more money than what to do with it." It is hard to truly appreciate life when you "have more money than you know what to do with it," -- kind of people. Anyway, thank you gentlemen or ladies for all your feedback including the"sarcastic" one -- Dave330i. Enjoy your Porsche Dave330i. You could give it to me for free and I still won't take it. I have more pride "than more money to what to do with it," kind of people who think their car is better than mine. Those are the kind of people that think that the world revolves around them -- while their just a tiny speck on earth. This is a E90 forum and if don't like our cars Dave 330i-- you can go to your Porsche forum. And frankly I could not care what you think Dave 330i. Oh Dave330i, incidently, are you not highlighting your accomplishments? (i.e., own your place outright?) Arrivederci Dave330i! I am sure you are more welcome in the Porsche forum.

No, I don't own any of those things. I was only trying to out accomplish you. I needed all all of them so I don't feel inferior to you. I hope you got the point. Making the decision to sell or keep your M3 does not require your life's accomplishment. By the way you probably the best person to make that decision. Any opinions here should be disregarded.
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