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1) Press and hold "m" to get the SN number but usually this is not enough to get the full code from dealer. I recommend before calling dealer that you use a 2.5 mm Allen Wrench and remove the small hex head screws from the side of the radio and pull out the radio.
2) Get the name of the company that produced the radio from the sticker after removing the radio. It is either 1) Alpine, 2) Blaupunkt or 3) I honestly forgot.
3) CALL THE DEALER - tell them the SN and the manufacturer based on the info you get off the sticker that is on the side or back of the radio when you remove it.

** 4) IF DEALER IS WRONG AFTER FOLLOWING STEPS 1-3 then contact the manufacture (either Alpine, Blaupunkt, or I forget) and give them your SN and product number located on the sticker and they will give you the code.

Blaupunkt Contact:
Alpine Contact:

ps- do not let the dealer charge you for this. I emailed Blaupunkt and they found the code for me. Other people are able to get the code by calling the dealer after getting the info from steps 1-3 and just calling a BMW dealer. In my case I called 4 dealers. That's right, 4 dealers. All gave me wrong different codes. I emailed Blaupunkt and they finally gave me the right code when the dealers kept messing up.

pps- you have 3 chances to put in the right code before the infamous "CODE WAIT". If you get "code wait" then place the car in the "on" position with your key with the radio on for 1 hour and it will reset.

pps- Many dealers will forget that there is a SPECIAL BMW DEALER BULLETIN ON FIGURING OUT THE CORRECT SN NUMBER. Remind your dealer to look up the special bulletin on how to figure out the code based on the product and SN number. This was very important in my case as the dealers did not know this.

EXAMPLE OF THE STICKERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR: (If you are lucky, a mechanic may have written your 5 digit code on the sticker in pen)

Someone should put this somewhere people can find since a lot of people have this problem.

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