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When you pull off the main air hose (the bigger of the two that you mentioned) from the side on the engine, the first piece of round metal that you'll see will be the throttle body. There should be a hinge next to it that's connect with a metal cable which leads all the way back to the accelerator pedal, that you can just push down with your hands. That opens the butterfly valve and you'll be able to spray carb cleaner everywhere in order to clean it up.

Youtube surely has videos on stuff like this and probably for your specific engine. Youtube has videos on everything.

Why do you need to purchase a new tps ? Are you getting persistent error codes ? Usually, thus cleaning it and the connector with contact cleaner, applying dieletric grease to it and fixing it back would be all that you need to do. Do that, clear any error codes that might still be there, and then see if things make a difference.

The better thing to do would be to purchase a torque wrench, the requisite tools for resetting valve clearances, and to purchase intake manifold gaskets for when you remove your intake manifold to give it a good internal clearning.

Here are two threads that would persuade you better on the importance of this. Bear in mind that the dudes who posted this were going after other problems and only spotted the dirt in the intake manifold along the way :

The crud in there was not caused by the issues that they faced with their engines. It builds up naturally over time.
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