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Op true that different dealer have different policies. Some have great SAs, others just could give a rats behind. It matters on what your individual relationship with the SA is.

I just wanted ask you why are you concerned with your oil level. You should be happy your oil level is full, that means you have a great engine under your hood. A lot of owners of BMW have reported some oil burn issues, nothing too serious but still something.

I honestly dont think that BMW dealers have any incentives to do the work persay. There are profits in getting reimbursed oil changes, however I think they could care less if the car is being neglected for maintenance, actually cheaper to blame future engine trouble on that negligence.

Lastly, I think the CBS System is cracking me up. Its more of a planner rather than a real time oil analysis system. I feel the CBS is still primitive, not blaming BMW, but rather the complexity of monitoring oil in any economical and scientifically sound method. I think we Are far from having mini spectrometers in our cars so yes, until then the planner aka CBS is going to be the best the market has to offer.

Edit: if The results of Andrew B can reproduced on other vehicles who do DIY oil changes than yes, I'm guessing this oil sensor seems to be far more advanced then I thought it was. I wonder exactly what their testing in the oil in real time to determine oil life. Are they going off experimental data sets for viscosity, oil temp range and different metal concentrations and comparing that against real time data points found in each individual car?
BMW and Mercedes Build Beta Products!
Lexus build Release Candidate Products!

Why does this matter?
CAUSE EVERY TIME someone says Lexus has better build quality, one should consider what Toyota their Lexus Engine and chassis platform comes out of and how long that part has been tested in the real world!

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