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07 bmw 328i Sedan. NEED HELP!! CC ID CODES

So ever since i dodged a debris that has fallen off someones pick up I have been getting a yellow brake light, yellow triangle, along with some CC ID codes. All i did when i dodge the debris was jerk the steering wheel left and slammed on the brakes. The dash board indicators are the yellow triangle with a circle around it and my parking brake in yellow. When i restart the car the indicators would stay on until i drive for a few mins and it would go away, but only to come back when i make left or right turns. if i was to drive straight or make wide turns, nothing would pop up.

Things that pop up on the dash:

Yellow triangle
tire pressure
brake (looks like this (O) )

The codes are
CC ID 24- Dynamic Brake Control Assist Failed
CC ID 35- DSC Failed
CC ID 50- Run Flat Indicator Failed
CC ID 354- Start Assist Inactive

I thought it was because i needed to get my brakes changed. so i changed all 4 rotors, pads, and replaced the sensors as well. I also reset all of the brake sensors as well, but the indicators would still pop up again.

Any advise on what to do???
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