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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
I'm not surprised though. Disappointed yes but not surprised, it is pretty much what I expected. Something is not right in Munich these days.
highyo, I think you'll be very happy with your timing to get into a real M car. I'm not optimistic about the upcoming M3. We'll see though, it could be that messing with the M3s virtues is something too sacred even in the name of higher predicted sales and profit for an isolated techno softy.
There is leaked info posted on the other forum:
  • Lighter than current M3 - targeting E46 M3 weight (roughly 300 lbs lighter?)
    --> This is nice although I am not entirely convinced how BMW will achieve this without using exotic materials given that the base F30 weighs about same as the base E90.
  • More powerful than current M3 - approximately same HP, but around 100 lb-ft more torque (in range of 395 lb-ft)
    --> This is good news (though I am not sure if I would like FI in an M)
  • Faster than current M3
    --> With the additional 100 lb-ft of torque and 300 lb lighter chasis, it'd better be faster.
  • Powered by an inline 6 cylinder multi turbo engine - more efficient than current M3
    --> I6 Turbo vs V8 NA, kinda expected.
  • Electric Power Steering (completely reworked for precision for M3/M4)
    --> This could be a real deal breaker for many if not done perfectly... I am very nervous about this one

Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
I drove a CTS-V. IMO, the only thing it has going for it is that it's fast. That's it.

Steering? Heavy, no communication.
Handling? Loose.
Ride? Harsh.
Brakes - well, these are good too.
Interior - low rent
Seats - Great for 10 minutes, forget about it after.

It's a hot rod. It's not what the M5 is meant to be.
Really? I must have test driven a different CTS-V because it's nothing like what you describe. How ironic that an F10 owner calls CTS-V's steering non-communicative.

Originally Posted by highyo View Post
i'm in the same boat. i don't think there can be a better car made than the m3 (and btw, many many many reviews will say the same thing). it feels like a bespoke suit
I never thought I would get two of the same car back-to-back, but I am thinking about picking up an E92 M3 next year before the EOP. OK, maybe not exactly the same (convertible vs coupe).

Originally Posted by 5Xwen View Post
Problem is that the "purists" think they want manual transmission, light weight, tossability, etc. - except nobody is buying those cars anymore.
"They" are a minority, but "they" tend to be very loyal to the brand.

Your exaggeration is a little overdone though.

If nobody really wanted these cars, why would Audi bring TT RS (manual only) to the US (which by the way is sold out)? How about BMW bringing the 1M (also manual only)?

The Toyata GT-86/FR-S (aka Subaru BRZ) made to be light, nimble and tossable is selling like hot cakes and there is a waiting list.

Yes, they are small volume niche cars, but they do add up to a significant volume that few manufacturers want to ignore.

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