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Originally Posted by Decboy View Post
Our new F10 didn't come with the front plate bracket mounted and we just received our new plates.

1) Anyone know what the going rate is nowadays for a front plate ticket here in SoCal?
2) Is it a fix it ticket in which you need to get it fixed and bring your car to a local police office to get it written off?
3) Or is it just a ticket that you're willing to pay each time you get written up?

I have illegal tint and no front license plate on my SRT8, and no front on my F02.

I've gotten pulled over by CHP for illegal tint on my Chrysler, and its a fix-it-ticket.

Strangely he noticed my lack of front license plate, and I was also speeding(~10 over), but he only nailed me for the tint. I was being courteous and pulled WAY over on the shoulder, and rolled all my windows down, and let him know I was grabbing for my registration not trying to freak him out like I was going for a gun. He was a dick though, that was the strange part. I figured he'd have stuck it to me, guess not.

They send you a bill in the mail.
$25 with proof of correction
$194 (if I remember correctly) without proof of correction.

I have local sheriff friends-of-a-friends, but they wont touch CHP tickets. So I paid the $194 and called it a tax.

You DONT have to show anyone, unless you dont want to pay the tax, err fee.

Honestly you pay 60k+ for a nice car, dont drill holes in your bumper, 200 bucks a pop is a small price to pay for aesthetic purity haha
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