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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
Whether a car look good or not is subjective, but being "tired and stale" has some objectivity to it.

If a car has being the same look for very long, in the case of the E90, 8 years, AND there are so many of them you see the same look many times a day, yes it can be "tired and stale". I like the look of E90, but totally understand it when people say the above.

On the other hand, many people, even those who drive BMWs, when look at the F30, often mistaken it for the F10 5 series. I wouldn't call such look "refreshing and exciting" when your own enthusiasts cannot tell what it is, it lacks creativity when you simply shrink a 5 down to 3.

If look is the only measure, the "tired and stale" but refreshed C (and maybe even A4) win over the new F30, if for nothing else, the styling stands on its own.
You seem to want to make arguments against the F30 for no good reason. Most of them are easy to counter like this one. I couldn't tell a 2013 C class exterior from a 2011 without doing some study. And this with looking at one about 2 months ago at a dealer. The interior is a different story. The newer A4 is a nice refresh but far from radical. Yes it's hard to tell the F30 from an E90 without seeing the front of the car but who really gives a damn? It's what the car is like when driven and that's what makes the F30 stand out from the competition. Even with it's faults (mainly EPS and hard tires) it still beats the competition including the ATS.

I don't understand your constant need to beat on the F30. Sometimes it just borders on obsessive.
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