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Originally Posted by paintparanoia View Post
bmw 540i not turning on! help please!!

Ok so, i've been having trouble with my BMW 540i 1995. Lets start from the beginning:

A couple days ago exactly, i was driving my car perfectly fine. it had been saying that it needed cooler, however i had recently put some a couple weeks before so i thought perhaps it didn't need it all that much. So i let a few days go by like that. i wouldnt use it very much, maybe to go to the nearby store real quick but nothing big. Then a couple days ago, i go out to run some errands and park. perfectly fine, everything seemed completely normal. and i do my errands and come back. i try to turn on the car, however it doesnt even TRY to turn on. I literally turn the key, and its as if i didn't even have the key there, it made no noise, no effort to start. The lights on the dashboard lit up, the radio turned on, everything worked fine, hell even the horn on the car worked. I had just bought a new carbattery a month ago too. I went to the front of the car, and when i opened it i tried taking a look to see everything was ok. I saw the cooler top off, flipped around literally. I looked inside the cooler tank and there was barely anything. so i filled it up with some antifreeze, and tried turning it on again. but nothing did it. So i left (i had errands nearby) and finished what i had to do, when i came back a few hours later it turned on fine and took me home just fine. Initially, i thought it was because it was overheating. (although note, the temperature was not high at all, the gauge marked it as regular temperature) That night, i took the car to the nearby o'reillies to get some more antifreeze. I got it, and i couldnt have been inside the shop more than 15 minutes.

i came back out, and the car didnt turn on AGAIN. I had my father come over, since we lived no more than 2 minutes away and we took a look at it. the cooler tank was full. it

wasnt too hot. the temperature meter marked as normal. but it just would not start. it ended up starting after 30 minutes of waiting. the same thing happened yesterday. errands, came back after a couple hours and nothing. until later (i left and came back today) i turned it on just fine and brought it home just fine. What in the world is going on?

When you say that your car didn't turn on, are you saying that it did not even crank ? Cranking = the engine turning over attempting to start. Starting = Cranking + correct ignition (CPS usually) + correct fuel delivery (fuel pump, fuse and relay)

Keep checking your coolant levels as well, and check your dipstick to make sure that the oil looks normal.
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