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Originally Posted by numindast View Post

Can folks recommend tricks for the stuff above? Eg:
1) what torque wrench would you recommend buying?
2) what tools will work to get the radiator fan off the water pump shaft? Smolck says a long wrench and sledge, what size sledge? should I get pipe to put over the wrench end? use a socket wrench or regular spanner style wrench?
3) What's the easy way to capture/evacuate the coolant?
4) How to best scrape the old VCG off?
5) What's a reasonable price to have the CV boots replaced?
6) How can I tell if I have jack pads or not? Do I need to buy those?

Thank you in advance for your support and help.. I'm definitely nervous about the cooling system refresh.

Oil change and window regulator don't scare me at all but the cooling system does. I'll have to buy jack stands, a torque wrench, and who knows what all else.
Reminds me of my old 323. It really isn't all that much work. Just relax and approach them one at a time. Answers to questions:

1. Don't really need one, but harbor freight sells them. Sometimes NAPA has them in the closeout bin for cheap too. You may even be able to rent them from AutoZone, Advance, etc
2. My youtube video of the process shows it pretty well. 3lb mini sledge and a 32mm or 1 1/4 inch wrench. Since you live in the north, soak that mother with PB blaster a day ahead of time.
3. You should have a petcock at the bottom of the radiator. Drain it there and also from the petcock where the expansion tank meets its mount. You could also remove the block drain plug. You'll still loose some when you remove the WP. When I do it, I just put a bucket or old baby pool under the car and just let it pour all over when removing parts.
4. You shouldn't have to scrape much. It is plastic and has no sealant on it. A flat scraper blade works well.
5. No idea.
6. They are black, rectangular, and located just behind your front tires and just in front of your rear tires. If you are using a normal jack, you really don't need them. If you are trying to use the "widowmaker" spare tire jack, you absolutely need them.

Again, don't get overwhelmed, it is all very easy. Nothing except the CV joints is hard to do. And honestly, that isn't either. There is a great youtube video of the process .

Hope that helps. And as always, support is only a phone call away.

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