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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
That is because you read me wrong. Of course you had hard time telling 13 C and 11 C apart, because they are the same model, with minor facelift. But the new C can not easily be mistaken as an E.

At least I try to state facts, not my opinions. It is a fact some BMW drivers (not to mention non-BMW drivers) could not easily tell the F30 from the F10. Do you agree or disagree, there is a little lack of creativity drawn from such fact?

If you want to attack someone, make sure you understand what exactly he is saying first.
I'm reacting to your general posture on this site. Every since the F30 came out your tone is to find some reason to see it in a negative way. And you are right about the F10 and F30 but once again, this is not a BMW specific issue. From the rear it's hard to tell and A4 from an A6 and an A6 from an A8. It's a conscious decision by the automakers. Cadillac has been doing this for a while. I see a lot of XTS's around town and there's a very close resemblance other than size to the ATS. It seems to me that you are making up reasons to dislike the BMW.
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