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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
I have not read people mistaken an A4 for A6, and there is little chance one could mistaken an ATS for an XTS. There is certainly no mistaken a C for an E, while the brand identity is still well kept.

I could have easily said you were trying to mislead when you claimed the F30 is $4,000 more than a comparable E90. For most people, even me, F30 is a good value if you compare to E90. Here I am not all negative about F30.

But then as I pointed out, it is not about F30 vs. E90, it is about F30 vs. C, A or G...
This is exactly why people don't like you. I was 100% clear and presented all of the facts about the price of my E90 vs a comparable F30. There is no ambiguity. None. I was 100% upfront about everything. How was I misleading people?
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