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Originally Posted by tampamark View Post
Now, with this new battery, I make sure and put it on a trickle charger at least once a week overnight. This is to prevent failure.

The alternator is always spinning, it is not like the a/c compressor with a clutch/brake. It is just at idle the alternator is only providing enough juice to power the car or just a bit under so the battery is being utilized. It isn't until higher rev's that it puts out increased voltage that can power the car's systems and charge the battery at the same time.
So if I understand this correctly, then it would be a greater drain on the battery to drop the top via comfort access vs. while the car is idling. Correct?

Do you (or anyone) have a trickle charger that you recommend? If I have to get the battery replaced, I might try your method and see if that helps. How long has your battery lasted since using this weekly trickle charge approach? And for that matter, how long should the battery last in the first place?

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