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Cotton-pickin' lean codes

'02 325i
233,000 miles

So I've had 0171 and 0174 codes for a while. I'm now down to the wire as I'm up for a MD emmisions test.

This week, at the advice of the local dealership, I replaced the CVV and all associated hoses. While doing this I found the the vent hose from timing chain cover (upper front hose from CVV) was not properly attached, the vacuum hose to the regulator on the fuel filter was completly broke loose, and another small line between the intake manifold and firewall was broke. The intake boots are in nominal condition as is the DISA.

This work was all completed last night. Drove to work this morning (a 60 mile commute) and at mile 32 the two codes returned.

No other sensors have been replaced on the car. I do have a fuel filter that I was going to replace this weekend.

The car seems to run fine. Idle fine, acceleration fine. There is occasionally a small hint of hesitation on take-off.

In reviewing this and other forums, I'm wondering if this could be a fuel filter/ fuel pump issue. Neither have ever been replaced.

Does this sound reasonable??
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