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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
I did not come here so people can like me.

What you did not consider is that added value of the F30 with other features the E90 does not have. Maybe those new features are not important to you, but BMW does not just sell one 328i to you. I happen to see little value in leather, in particular, the leather in my E90 is not compelling at all, but I didn't care and it was free.

To say that the F30 is $4k more than the E90 is misleading, when the base price only went up by $1k, with more standard features.

Even so, I have no problem if you point out what are important to you and why the F30 lacks value. Should I complain about your negativity?
Go back and read my post. I quite clearly said: "Yes it has more features" in reference to the F30. The bottom line and this is quite clear and impossible to misinterpret is an equally optioned F30 is $4000.00 more than my E90. To me that's all that matters in this conversation. The options I wanted are not included in the base price of the F30. I agree the new features like power seats, iDrive and others are great to have and adding these increases the value of the base F30.
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