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Originally Posted by Jamesonsviggen View Post
Value packages like you describe on your car is a very typical ploy for a car at the end of it's life cycle.

These are offered to keep interest in a car years into it's cycle. They make for very attractive lease offers too.

This is just how it goes.

About a year or so before a new model, even with something like an Altima they whip out a value package where things like power seats and moonroof are offered when they might have been part of a much more expensive package before. The price is low, maybe $189 a month. Then the new model comes out and often packages restrict things all over again and lease prices are higher.

This is not an absolute all the time kind of thing, but it's very common.

I would be willing to bet, that as the F30 ages in cycle, you will see the value packages back and priced accordingly.

It's simply in a manufacturers bag of tricks to keep interest up along a 5 year timeline.
Thanks. I understand this and it and the ZVP was instrumental in my decision. Prior to my 2011 I leased a 2008 E90 with ZPP. I was a bit green on how to negotiate a BMW lease and paid too much for that car. I set a budget and my next car had to fit that budget whether it was a BMW or something else like a CC of GTI. Fortunately the ZVP came out just in time and I was able to end up in a new 3 series at the price I wanted to pay. I sacrificed the sunroof (not an issue at all) and the power memory seats (I miss these a lot) and folding and dipping mirrors to stay in a BMW.

Next time around this may not be feasible thus the interest in a CC or maybe even an X1 if I like how it drives. Lack of a MT may eliminate this car although the CC has the same issue but with a DCT which mitigates the problem somewhat. So maybe with a relatively tight budget for a car, F30 pricing may have cost BMW sales.
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