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Originally Posted by 8355adam View Post
The cost of mounting and balancing will surely not be higher than a whole new set of rims over 5 years? Ive seen places that do it for $15 per wheel. which is $120 per year. Which is about even against a set of cheap rims over period of 5ish years. Since my rims are 7 years old they are not quite in the same condition as brand new ones even though i take good care of them. So Im not too concerened about possible damage to them with moutning and remounting. In an ideal world yes i would but new rims but i just dont have the money for that right now. I need to keep some back for the inevitable cooling system failure now im at 83K miles :-)
Guaranteed it will be higher over 5 years. You're ignoring the higher cost of 18" snow tires versus 17". In addition, if you've found a place that is mounting and balancing a tire for $15 a pop, I'd bet one of my kids (OK, the one I don't like) they're using old-style equipment that's going to leave your BMW rims looking like you've been polishing curbs with them, regardless of how they look now.

A fast run on TireRack:
4 LM-60 tires in 225/40-R18 = $808 + $60 mount/balance at cheap place = $868
4 LM-60 tires in 225/45-R17 mounted and balanced on inexpensive rims (no TPMS) = $1132.

Difference = $264.

You would be ahead of the game after the second year. And a $264 savings this year doesn't seem big enough to fix the cooling system.
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