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Originally Posted by Fishful Thinking View Post
I think the torque wrench I have was from Harbor Freight, and it's perfectly suitable for the occasional job. And, it's a ratchet, which makes torquing bolts in tight areas easier.
Thanks! That's where I was planning to go, since there's one not far from the apartment.

Originally Posted by GoForthFast View Post
Fill out your garage so we know how to answer your questions! What is your mileage? What trans do you have?

PS fluid leaks onto the cap because you need a new cap O-ring. Install one and clean the cap and refill with AT fluid as it says on the cap. Leak will stop.
Ooops, sorry, automatic (AWD) slushbox with about 101k miles. I'm glad to hear the AT fluid cap is just a simple o-ring.

Originally Posted by smolck View Post
2. My youtube video of the process shows it pretty well. 3lb mini sledge and a 32mm or 1 1/4 inch wrench. Since you live in the north, soak that mother with PB blaster a day ahead of time.
3. You should have a petcock at the bottom of the radiator. Drain it there and also from the petcock where the expansion tank meets its mount. You could also remove the block drain plug. You'll still loose some when you remove the WP. When I do it, I just put a bucket or old baby pool under the car and just let it pour all over when removing parts.
4. You shouldn't have to scrape much. It is plastic and has no sealant on it. A flat scraper blade works well.
Thanks Smolck. It's good to be reassured. And to receive the multiple good tips about draining the cooling system and that the VCG won't be baked onto the valve cover head and be damned impossible to get off That and the PB blaster soak too.

So far it looks like I will work on the cooling system next weekend, not this -- Saturday is booked for family time, Sunday is half winterizing the boat and half performing required servitude to the halloween decorator and house cleaning in prep for guests during the week...
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...the last thing you need is unpredictable rubber
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