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Need Alarm Help...Driving Me Nuts!

I am reviving this thread because I see it died right where it got interesting for me. I noticed no one answered the last question in this post. I have a 2000 528IT, 86,000M, and have had an alarm problem for 6 months or so. I have taken the battery out and had it bench tested, I have disconnected both the hood and interior roof sensor and the stupid thing stills goes off even if I try the double lock thing.

I can count on every second weekend going out to the car to find the battery completely dead and having to charge it overnight...why? Because the siren goes off, then shuts off, but the lights sit there and flash causing a drain on the battery; the lower the battery gets the more this stupid car thinks its being tampered with and sets off the alarm again, thus draining the battery some more, which in turn sets off the alarm again (see the pattern?)

Is there any help out there to solve this problem? I have read about rechargeable batteries being inside the alarm somewhere that wear down after time. Is there something I'm missing or do I have the one off problem to which there is no fix...
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