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Originally Posted by Schuster View Post
A bad fsu wouldn't cause all this would it? I think my FSU could be faulty, but I wouldn't think the other symptoms I've posted would come from the FSU. I'm not sure why it's looking for ground through the motor housing when it's not running. When it is running, it's flowing fine.
There are two carbon brushes inside the motor that make contact with the armature and provide the power to make the motor spin. One of the brushes is connected to the positive terminal and the other is connected to the negative. The brushes make contact with the terminals you connect your wires to via a post the goes through the housing to the outside. If these go through the metal housing on your motor then there is supposed to be an insulator around them to isolate the from the housing. It's possible that one of the insulators has deteriorated and that's why have have an intermittent short.
If you have a multimeter, measure from each terminal to the housing to see if either is shorted to it.
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