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Originally Posted by dc_wright View Post
There are two carbon brushes inside the motor that make contact with the armature and provide the power to make the motor spin. One of the brushes is connected to the positive terminal and the other is connected to the negative. The brushes make contact with the terminals you connect your wires to via a post the goes through the housing to the outside. If these go through the metal housing on your motor then there is supposed to be an insulator around them to isolate the from the housing. It's possible that one of the insulators has deteriorated and that's why have have an intermittent short.
If you have a multimeter, measure from each terminal to the housing to see if either is shorted to it.
Thank you, that is actually my next step...I just have to buy a multi meter. The stores are long enough away that I have to wait until another dry day so I can drive there. I'm thinking I may just have to replace the motor, or perhaps rebuild it...even though it's perfectly good.

I hate electric stuff haha.

I think I may be replacing the FSU as well, maybe that will weed out some problems. When I first pluged the motor back in and turned the electric to the car on, the motor spun up at a constant, but very very slow speed, even though the settings were near max.
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