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Originally Posted by BlueAngel M3 View Post
Yeah, I have a dip stick, and I recently had the fluid changed, so its fine.

I agree. The auto trans in BMW's in general are junk.

I've been driving BMW's for over 20 years, and one thing I experienced their auto trans is junk just like any other brand.

I never had any problems with BMW manual transmissions. They are like bullet proof! I had never replaced one.

Oh, well, i'm tired of rebuilding the trans. This car has become a money pit. I will put this piece of sh*t up for sale.

If you recently had your fluid changed, and then you began experiencing these problems, you have encountered an unfortunately common situation.

The old fluid would have been much thicker than the new one. This actually worked to reduce or prevent slippage between worn clutches. The tradeoff is the your transmission is less efficient due to thicker fluid, so your mpg will fall. Further, wear will be accelerated due to the old oil.

When you changed to new oil, it was too thin visavis the worn transmission, to prevent slippage.

The solution will be to either switch back to the old oil if you kept it away, or change the oil to a thicker blend. Alternatively you could try one of those friction modifiers that they sell off the shelf which is supposed to "reduce slippage". Since you have a dipstick, perhaps you'd like to try that by pouring it in through the dipstick to see if it helps.

The next best bet would be to try changing the oil to a clean oil but which is thicker than what is recommended for your transmission.

There is an outside chance that you actually used thinner fluid than what is recommended for your tranny and your tranny is actually ok. Very long shot but do rule that out if possible.

Download the soft copy of the E34 Bentley manual for details about transmissions and recommended oils.

You'll be able to have a good discussion about these elements with a seasoned indie mechanic.

In any case, your transmission is probably not in good shape. It is unlikely that you'll be able to sell your car without taking a huge haircut. Considering the size of that haircut, you might elect to keep it and try to salvage the transmission in the ways I've described above.

Unless, of course, its really no longer worth your while.

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