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Originally Posted by 3284me View Post
Brought my 2011 in to the dealer for the 30k vehicle check. They changed the oil, brake fluid, and in cabin filter along with a full inspection. I was given a 2012 base model 328i with 4000 miles on it for the day. I thought I was going to be excited, but actually was underwhelmed. The positive was the power, smooth and quick. The rest was of the car felt very loose on the road. I felt like I had to make steering corrections whether I was in sport mode or comfort, very sloppy. The suspension was harsh over all road irregularities in comfort or sport mode. The quality felt cheap. Whats up with the turn signal click sound? Horrible! Maybe the car was beat on since it was a loaner, but my E90 with 30k makes less noise and drives like its brand new. The BMW sport feeling has gone out the window with the F30. It drives like a main stream Toyota Camry! I really tried to like this car, but after picking up my E90 with its tight precise steering there is no comparison. No wonder why sales are down!
There's no question that BMW softened the F30 for those of us (raises hand) that are more interested in a comfortable ride than a harsh one. I loved many things about my E90 M-Sport, but the pothole explosions were not one of them, made my kids nauesous just to ride in it.

So what you used to view as the "base" suspension on a 3 Series is now on what is called the Sport line. Had you driven that, you'd have been impressed that a car that's larger is that nimble on its feet, the quick acceleration you noticed plus the traditional firmer ride. For another $900 you can add the Adaptive M Suspension which is the best of both worlds. Push a button, it adjusts for the soft Comfort ride of the base that you drove, push it again and it adjusts to the firm Sport ride of the Sport line that you would have liked.

What used to be a 3 Series given- a taut, connected ride- is now something you have to ask for. It's still there, but if you test drive the wrong version you're going to be disappointed.

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