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Today/Yesterday I performed a valve adjustment and replaced the following:

Plug Wires
In-Tank Fuel Pump+Sock
Air Filter
Fuel Filter
IAC Vacuum Line
Oil Filter

The idle has been a bit unsteady and got a little better after all this. I started to pull plug wires/listen with a screwdriver and found Cylinder #5 is dead.

Compression test shows 150 on that cylinder so I'm assuming I have an injector issue. The suspect injector ohmed out fine (~2ohms).

I've got a few known good 176cc/min (16.75lb/hr) low impedance injectors laying around. (Stock is 192cc/min (18.35lb/hr)) Can I rock one of these for a few weeks or will it throw the AFR for that cyl off to much? (8% difference).

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