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The unit is absolutely jewel-like in its quality.
A 4/4S now seems bulky/heavy by comparison.
LTE speeds on AT&T vary by market, I can get 35/20 in my city, a little less in the NE, sometimes a little more on the west coast.
I like that fact that I can operate it with one hand due to the same width as the older units.
The beauty of capitalism and the marketplace is that many other vendors make larger screens for those who want to stuff something large in their pocket.

I'm a Navigon user (full GPS, no network required), but spent some time testing Navigon on a 4S vs Apple Maps on the 4S & 5.
In 1800+ miles Apple Maps never steered me to the wrong location, so far at least.

The 5 is very quick, and the new processor is very noticeable if you spend time in iPhoto/iMovie/Garageband (which I do).

We all get jaded that the latest gadget fails to impress, but I remember when HD video editing required a monster tower with liquid cooling and waiting periods for rendering.
Now one can prototype HD projects on a phone.
Or that the Beatles recorded Abbey Road on a 4 track recorder the size of a washing machine, now with Garageband on iOS we have an digital 8-track recorder in our pocket.
Truly amazing stuff if you have been in such industries for any amount of time.

Oh, and it also makes phone calls


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