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Originally Posted by Byork7 View Post
Ill give that a shot when i get back from work. Some of the possible problems ive been reading include my transmission being shot. However i dont think thats the case as it shifted just fine when drivig. It just feels like its not catching when trying to put the car in reverse, drive , etc. Thanks for the info Robert

I have an idea. Discard what I said earlier for now. Start the engine and see if your transmission works normally. If it doesn't, put it into neutral, engage the parking brake, and then let the engine warm up for 15 minutes (or at least let the engine reach operating temperature and then give it an additional 5 minutes).

Then try to engage gears. If it works, then your problem is a lack of transmission fluid. When you warm up the engine, you will also warm up the transmission fluid. Hot transmission fluid expands and occupies a higher volume in your tranny, which will allow the tranny to engage. The sensors will only allow the gears to engage properly if they detect sufficient fluid...this prevents damage due to a lack of fluid. You should then have the car checked for any leaks, and change the gasket, filter and transmission oil as necessary. Further proof that you should have had the car at a workshop before buying it, if this is indeed the case.

If you have a dipstick (should have thought of this earlier duh ! ) Please check the level. If it is low, then top up synthetic oil through the dipstick tube using a small funnel until its at the right level, then try again.

If this whole thing doesn't work, then read the codes via the stomp test, delete the codes as mentioned in my earlier post, and start the engine and try the transmission again.

Let us know how it goes.

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