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Originally Posted by MatWiz View Post
*snip*It's a strange practice by the rentals like Netflix, Blockbuster, RedBox, etc.

Original BlueRay comes with the lossless format of DTS-HD Master Audio, but when they produce this BD for rental, they will remove the high quality audio and replace it with a lower quality 5.1 or similar instead.*snip*
I'm not going to wade through all that back n forth BS. However, if you want my comment on any specific post, I'd probably be happy to offer my 2 cents, but I'm not going to give a summary on all that (seemingly useless) arguing. This said, the discussion about Hunger Games, that's the first time I've heard of Netflix removing the lossless track on purpose (if I'm getting your implication correctly).

The first time I suspected Netflix themselves, was with a lossy track on Red, with Bruce Willis. I think the codecs are never given on the sleeve, but regardless, I often can pick out a lossy (I should namely say DD) track pretty quickly; I'll get up, go to the receiver and see that I was right. Well, it wasn't Netflix's fault, the producers of Red decided to give only the DD on the movie-only version, and the DTSMA on the SE version. And the audio track on the lossless version is supposed to be top notch. (What I kind of don't understand is why didn't it have regular DTS on the dumbed down version?) So if it wasn't for your post, if this happened again to me, I would immediately suspect the producers, not the rental company, so thank you.

But I say DD above, because the bitrate is the lowest. I'm sure you might agree with my thought that there must be some scale of diminishing returns. Off the top of my head, I think DD (on BD as a format) maxes at 640 kbps. DTS core (DTS-MA compromises of a dual bitstream, core+extension) is at 1509 kbps. That is a big diff, I mean that's over 2 and 1/3 the bit rate. According to the main dude over at Todd-AO, the guy who mixes many of the films you've already seen (you should see the photos of the place he works at), and I can't remember the exact number of significant digits he used, but he said that DD+ at 3 mbps is basically 99.99% of lossless. I bring all this up because even as a fan of lossless audio, I don't think it's apples and oranges when "lossy vs lossless" is concerned.

Depending on the specific codecs, I don't think lossy vs lossless has to be that big of a deal. The real tragedy lies with everyone listening to music as MP3, in my opinion. Particularly at 128 kbps. Brittany Spears while jogging next to high traffic, ok fine. Otherwise . . .

Though I recently read about iBiquity "HD" radio being at a truly shameful low double-digit kbps, an expert I trust mentioned even as low as 20 kbps.

Like I said, this Hunger Games is the first I heard of it. If this will be a continuing thing, I will try my best to find a different rental source that will not continue this practice. If they all do, I guess I'll be making a few more blind buys per year, particularly for blockbuster titles. However, even for non-blockbuster types, say The King's Speech, I would definitely want the lossless, for example.

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