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Originally Posted by snowsled7 View Post
You can not fix a worn out automatic transmission by changing the fluid. Switching to a different specification of ATF from what is specified is truely poor advice. Auto transmissions are fairly sensitive devices with specific cooling and friction needs. Deviating to a supposedly "thicker" fluid simply is not a sound solution, if such a fluid even exists.

If what you posted was gleaned from an internet forum, you should consider the source. That is not accurate information. There are tons of myths on the internet about auto transmissions and fluid. You are perpetuating one of them.
Obviously, it is not a way to fix the transmission. That's so self-evident that i did not state it.

It is, however, a way to enable you to forestall the inevitable rebuild. For some people, that's an option they would be glad to exercise if they could.

I am considering the source. Real people like you and my facing real problems and trying real solutions and some happen to work. From that set of facts, we hypothesise the likely reasons why. That's all.

Come one. Its just like switching to slightly thicker engine oil for very high mileage engines to improve piston ring sealing. I got that from the internet too.

After some time of diligent reading, asking questions, and careful alignment with certain posters who clearly know what they are talking about, you tend to build up some knowledge of the thing.
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