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Originally Posted by beenthere1130 View Post
Hi all,

I'm the proud owner of a 328i coupe (which I am aware is an E92 not an F30). Since this is an iDrive question, I thought this forum might prove more fruitful.

In short, I don't like split screen all the time. I prefer the larger map. However, I do like having the "arrow mode" flash up before I'm about to make a turn. With split screen off it seems like the only indication to turn is audible.

So, my question is, is there way to have split screen come on ONLY when the next turn is approaching?

As as aside, in the Mercedes I had, the 'next turn information' sits quite nicely in the instrument cluster which would be fantastic


No, that's not possible.

I'm unfamiliar with the iDrive execution in the E92, but can't you put the arrows up between the gauges in the instrument cluster? We can do this on the F30, perhaps your cluster has a smaller LCD.

What map view are you using? I'm wondering why you need a map so large that it makes the arrows a hindrance as opposed to the help they really are. I use the birdseye view, turn off all the 3D crap, and set the map to go in the current direction. Zoom it out to 400 or 800 feet and it gives plenty of information on the 2/3 of the screen while the remaining 1/3 I put on iPod album art and get the overtakes of arrows and lane guidance as I approach an exit. Not sure what map view you're using, but if you go to this simple overhead look you may find you get enough out of it to give up some real estate for the very useful split screen.


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