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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
There's no question that BMW softened the F30 for those of us (raises hand) that are more interested in a comfortable ride than a harsh one. I loved many things about my E90 M-Sport, but the pothole explosions were not one of them, made my kids nauesous just to ride in it.

So what you used to view as the "base" suspension on a 3 Series is now on what is called the Sport line. Had you driven that, you'd have been impressed that a car that's larger is that nimble on its feet, the quick acceleration you noticed plus the traditional firmer ride. For another $900 you can add the Adaptive M Suspension which is the best of both worlds. Push a button, it adjusts for the soft Comfort ride of the base that you drove, push it again and it adjusts to the firm Sport ride of the Sport line that you would have liked.

What used to be a 3 Series given- a taut, connected ride- is now something you have to ask for. It's still there, but if you test drive the wrong version you're going to be disappointed.


I did not have an F30 for long - only 3 or 4 days. So, I am not as good a judge as you. Still, in my limited impression, it felt like the F30 was fairly nimble. For me, it handled as well, just with a somewhat nice ride. In other words, it is more of the classic ride/handling balance of the earlier gen BMWs.

But, again, I did not drive it very long or very hard (I don't know why but that sentence reads like a cheap innuendo to me).
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