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How's the customer service at your dealership?

Starting this thread because of the poor experiences I've had at my local BMW dealership. I live in Greenille, South Carolina about 5 miles from the BMW factory and performance center. One would think that our dealership would be one of the premier dealerships in the country.....not the case. Today, I go in to have my tires replaced. Last week, a bubble appeared on the side wall of one of my run-flats that came on the car. I was told that because the tire was not losing air, it wasn't covered under the wheel and tire insurance. However, I was also told that the tire was not safe to drive on. Guess what, after finding out they didn't have my tires in stock, now it was all of a sudden safe to drive, but they recommended that I have the tire replaced AND since I had almost 20k on my tires and they were over 50% worn, they recommended replacing all 4. Surprise. So I knew already that I didn't want run-flats. They ordered the Michelins that I wanted and told me they'd price match Discount Tire. Go in for pickup with my invoice and the guy acts like he knew nothing about the price match. I wait for about 40 minutes while it gets passed up the chain. In the meantime I go out to look at my new tires. They nicked two of my wheels! Looks like they were either dropped or leaned up against something. Also, they did a realignment. In the process, they added new weights and didn't even bother to remove the black adhesive from where the previous weights were. C'mon! 60k for a car and I can't get better customer service? Finally I get to speak with the manager. I find out he was sent up from a dealership in Texas to try and change things at this dealership because it was so poor. He worked everything out for me and is going to have the wheels repaired and reconditioned. Long day! Is it like this where anyone else lives? Is this local or is this common for BMW?

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