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Originally Posted by midnitemyst View Post
I just don't usually hear it by that name considering like you said its the only headlight they sell so I just call them DDM. Stop trying to berate me on every post and cut me some slack, I didnt memorize the description.
google flagged bimmerforums as an attack site... I wonder what happen with that.
Ive been checking craigslist for a while and nothing local. ebay is good but usually ends up being pretty expensive for the hellas

Jason you wouldnt be able to find that transaction in your ebay history anymore. only way would be to possibly find it in paypal or if you saved a copy of the email. I would be very interested to know which ones you got though since they are so similar to ddms. purchasing direct from ddm isnt too far off though since its $285.

I actually sent a email to ddm regarding their hid kits and headlights a while ago but still havent heard back. not a good sign for their customer service department so far lol.

It would really nice to have a good warranty in case something goes wrong with the angel eyes like ive heard from the posts ive read.
Bimmerforums is fine - just proceed through. they had a user link to a site that had virus content, it's been removed but google is stupid.

Stay far away from ebay headlights, they look great for 2 months, then you will wish you never bought them.

Please feel free to give us a call, way too many people love our headlights for it to be a fluke that they buy ours instead of doing more research. The fact is, if you do a LOT of research, our headlights are the only ones you'll buy <-- not a sales pitch but the truth - if you are willing to spend a little more to get the very best.
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