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Originally Posted by drivinfaster View Post
which hydraulic system?? power steering?? if so, what sort of noise(s) are you experiencing??

also, are these noises more common when the engine is 'cold' (ambient temps) or warmed up (operating temps)??

Yeah, he means power steering (direcão hidraulica in Portuguese).

Gregor: Tem esse barulho mais com motor frio ou quando esta em temperatura normal do motor em andamento? E um grito ou um batimento ou o que? Responde em ingles ou segundo caso eu vou traduzir.

O fluido para direção é Dexron III, o mesmo fluido usado em cambio automatico. Ë tambem recomendavel trocar o reservatorio de fluido neste caso por que o filtro do sistema está embutido no reservatorio e tem que ser trocado entero. A peça não é muito cara. Olha esse link:

drivinfaster: I translated your questions--which I would have asked, too, and answered his about the correct fluid (Dexron III) and gave him a link on how to flush. I also told him about the filter in the reservoir and that the whole thing should be changed with the fluid.

I'll keep an eye on this thread and make sure language does not prevent us from helping him out.

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