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Originally Posted by snowsled7 View Post
This is incorrect, it is a complete waste of time and money to try and replace the fluid on a failed auto trans. It has been tried millions of times I am sure, always ending up in the junkyard or with a replacement trans. It is misleading to suggest this will work, it will not.

You do realize that ATF doesn't come in various viscosities right? ATF comes specified for specific transmissions, not in different wieghts like motor oil.

Thicker motor oil will not help seal worn piston rings. Typically people use it to bolster fading oil pressure in worn engines with large clearances.

So you have read about it on the internet.... I on the other hand have decades of hands on mechanical repair experience. This is my sixth BMW among dozens of cars I have owned and worked on.
I tell you what, I'll find that post and I'll post it up here for you. Maybe the OP is still around and we can talk about it with him and you can trace the root causes of his issue. I'll be glad to change my tune if an expert can point out the apparent flaws in the evidence.
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