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Originally Posted by stary View Post
By the way, I pulled out in traffic after getting gas yesterday and had to gun it, and I let out another "WOW" as I punched it. This engine is awesome when it spools up. There is a ton of lag when you give the car gas unless you really step down on the accelerator. I wonder how much of the 6.2 sec 0-60 time is just engine and transmission responsiveness. I wonder if remapping it would get closer to the 5.6 sec zero-60 the 328 N20 does. When the turbo spools up it really kicks you in the seat of the pants!
Most if not all automatic transmissions are programmed to minimise fuel consumption and emissions, hence the tendency for the gearbox to quickly shift into the higher gears (5-6-7-8) even at moderate speeds. Furthermore, generally transmissions can be reluctant to downshift unless you stab the throttle or hit the kickdown, and with the torque converter locked up immedately after starting off, there's far less of the "slush" that used to allow the revs to rise before the gearbox actually changed down a gear or two.

However, once you hit the kickdown, the vehicle does maximum acceleration regardless of shifter position so throttle calibration isn't so much an issue there.

Full disclosure: I have yet to test drive an X1 or X3 with the 8-speed gearbox.

If you think urban acceleration is exciting, wait till you get on a mountain road and really do some driving. The programming can be hit-or-miss at times in urban driving but when it detects very aggressive driving, it'll hold gears to redline and downshift early under braking so that you're in the optimal gear when exiting the corner. Since the transmission is adaptive, it won't go into this mode after a few throttle kickdowns, rather it takes into account the duration and frequency of throttle inputs, lateral acceleration, and braking inputs over a brief period of time and adjusts accordingly. It renders (in my opinion) the Steptronic function pointless.

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