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Originally Posted by BMWFatherFigure View Post
Your car your - your engine. I change out my BMW LL01 (Castrol BMW Special oil for MINI vehicles) at 12k - half the recomended 25k (kms). I change the Magnatec in my garage queen E38 half way down the service lights and the same with the GTX in my E30 and E23. When was the last time you heard of an engine failure due to too frequent oil changes? My mother still has my father's 1959 Morris Minor wagon (woodie). Guess how often the oil in that car gets changed. I want my cars to last more than my lifetime. Like I said: Your car - your engine. (Also helps if you understand how oil interacts with engine components).

I note that you told the OP to change oil at half the intervals as if it was some commonly established fact, rather than a personal preference of yours.

I'm sure the people at Mobil 1 etc know perfectly well how oil interacts with engines. That is why they are prepared to give warranties for 25k kms. Obviously, the oil is engineered to function satisfactorily for that period. If at all, I would change at -10% to -15% of reputed manufacturers' oil change interval to be just a little conservative. If not I might be guilty of spreading illogical beliefs and superstitions on the internet.

The point is that new oil and oil that's still within its service life is fundamentally no different to the engine, all things (such as the way the car is driven etc) being the same. So while it gives you an emotional high to change your oil more frequently and feel that your car is driving better, its is purely psychosomatic. The evidence does not bear it out. It is a placebo effect.

Our car was built nearly 20 years ago. 20 years before that, fully synthetic motor oil didn't exist. So since the time our car was built, isn't it reasonable to suggest that oil technology has advanced in like fashion as the 20 years before that? If not in like fashion, at least advanced to a certain degree?

The only time I'll agree that you should cut your oil change interval by as much as half would be if you mainly do short range city driving with very little highway/ high speed runs at all. Fully heated engine oil vaporises stuff like water, acids, etc which is then expelled through the crankcase ventilation system. This stuff will not hang around to degrade the oil in situ.

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