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Originally Posted by BMWFatherFigure View Post
Your car your - your engine. I change out my BMW LL01 (Castrol BMW Special oil for MINI vehicles) at 12k - half the recomended 25k (kms). I change the Magnatec in my garage queen E38 half way down the service lights and the same with the GTX in my E30 and E23. When was the last time you heard of an engine failure due to too frequent oil changes? My mother still has my father's 1959 Morris Minor wagon (woodie). Guess how often the oil in that car gets changed. I want my cars to last more than my lifetime. Like I said: Your car - your engine. (Also helps if you understand how oil interacts with engine components).
Are you comparing a 1959 engine to one built in 1989 ? Really ??

And similarly, where have you heard of engine failures because people only changed them at recommended intervals (be they recommended by either the car makers or the oil manufacturers ) ?

About the only extra thing I do with each oil change is a diesel crankcase flush, primarily because its cheap, nearly effortless, and quick, and can only help the car. Its totally different from changing my oil twice as required. Just add one quart of diesel to the crankcase at every oil change, idle the engine for 15 minutes, and then drain everything and change the oil and filter. That's all.
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