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Mobil 1 extended life says change the oil at 15k or 1 year, whichever comes earlier. Furthermore, they do not disclaim liability for engines older than a certain age. And further, by your own admission, oil is built containing sufficient alkalis to combat expected acids that build up in the engine over time. Obviously, one of the things they've done for a 15k oil is to have more alkalis than for a 10k oil, and so on and so forth for everything else.

And bmwff, everyone knows that garage queens are treated differently. Oil change intervals are more frequent. Most of the people here use their E34s as daily drivers as I'm sure you've notice. You should have just said that your recommendations are for gqs. I would recommend that your preface your recommendations accordingly to advise those less wise than yourself.

And yes, Mobil 1 for your E30 (i've owned one no big deal enginewise ) for 1 year, or 15k, whichever comes first. Unless even if the few miles that you put on it every year is basically not highway, in which case I would switch to 6 month intervals with a diesel flush maybe once a year instead of at every oil change interval.

Why don't you drive your cars ? The E30 was one of the most fun cars I've ever driven. Quick and nifty, and looks like a terror when it wants to. I'm always tempted to buy it again whenever I happen to encounter it on the road. And it is a BMW. Take your car out and hit the highway at highway speeds. Your car will indeed love you long time after that, trust me !

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