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We're now down to $450 over invoice, 599 doc fees, no prep fees, and the state fees for tag/title/etc (at actual cost per DMV website). Trade offer still 500 less than carmax, but has the convenience of transferring tags (saving $$) if trade done with the dealer. .00135 MF (I believe, getting a breakdown sheet showing this today), 62% residual, $18 down payment (to bring payments down, dropping security deposits to next-lowest $50 tier), 7 MSD, no paint and leather protection, no extended service protections, no underbody coating, but including a full tank of gas ...the finance manager's "great deals" all to be declined. Sound appropriate? This is for a 36mo/30,000mi lease. Credit approved at super elite tier, for what it's worth.

German Expat - You have me curious on the "full 4 points + 200$ for that." line. I haven't leased a vehicle before...just following the advice and stickies on the Bimmerfest forums. I'm afraid to hear the backlash on the $18 down payment...but honestly, we know to usually put nothing down. This dealer has no problem with the zero cap cost reduction, but informed me only 1 out of 100 clients do a lease with those terms.
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