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Originally Posted by MeanM50 View Post
While the only adjustment on (non-M) E34's is the front toe, a 4 WHEEL ALIGNMENT can produce specs to tell if your rear bushing are worn/bent/out of spec...and the 4 corner reflectors make sure the whole body is square for the toe adjustment. I wouldn't pay much more than $50 for this service, but I do appreciate the extra effort on my alignment guy's part just to make sure it's perfect. My alignment guy also let ME sit in the driver's seat as he did the alignment and properly weighted the other seats. This is important (weighting the car during alignment)
Point taken about the 4 wheels, but could you elaborate how a 4 wheel job will reveal if the rear suspension bushings are out of whack, and if so, will it identify which ones are off specifically ?

And how does sitting in the car affect alignment (please share)? Wasn't that a requirement published at the time when laser computer alignment machines were not available and less accurate stuff was used ? Is it required now with modern technology ?
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