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Thanks Terry!!

Originally Posted by dliang View Post
I'm considering getting it as well, but the CAN tool apparently doesn't work on the 535 (like you have) which worries me and is the only reason I haven't gotten it. Terry said there are no current plans for the CAN tool to support the 535 either. The HP boost sounds nice and I really want it, but it voids the warranty.. Seems like it's completely not worth it.

I've been looking into this and while no one has had issues "yet" (confirmed by Terry at BMS) there is always the "what if" something happens to the engine and they DO dig into looking for these "hidden" tuner codes?
Well, glad that this is not a concern any longer

Originally Posted by BigDeep1 View Post
I really really wish I had a 2012 535i so I could have the Sport tune. It is a NIGHT AND DAY difference vs the 2011 without the Sport (or Sport+) button.

I guess the BMS Stage 1 would make the 2012+ cars even better. I am guessing the 2011s will not yield the same benefits as the factory tune is similar to the "Comfort" button of the 2012+
Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
Ok, I know this is off topic, sorry.

So, I had a 2012 535i loaner when my 2011 535i was in for service. The 2012 in Sport mode (not referring to DS) was waaay faster than my 2011. It was more than shift points. It revved faster and pulled much harder. I have driven enough cars to notice the SOTP difference.

Since these tunes enhance what is already there, I figured it would make that 2012 even faster. I really wonder if they did any sort of tune on that loaner I had. I guess another explanation is that I would be a lot more willing to put the pedal to the floor in a loaner .

2011 535i Sport (Prem 1, 2)

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