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Originally Posted by JNMNL52 View Post
I am the original owner of a 2002 BMW 330i and I need to order new struts/shocks. I special ordered this car from my dealer. I really wanted the two door model but to keep peace with the family I ordered a four door model with 5 speed manual transmission. I also ordered the the cold weather, premium and sport packages - which I thought included sport suspension. I still have the detailed window sticker that was on the car at delivery and it clearly lists my packages and under the "Standard Features" heading it lists among other items:

"Strut-type front sport suspension with forged aluminum lower arms" and
"Multi-link rear sport suspension with cast aluminum upper transverse arms"

I want to make sure I order the correct struts for my car since sport and standard are different lenghts. To verify that I have the sport suspension I had my dealership review my VIN (WBAEV53402KM02124) as well as a few parts suppliers. To my surprise all stated that I had the standard suspension. So between the window sticker listing and the VIN, I don't know what type of suspension I have. Short of taking my car to the dealer, is there any way to visually confirm that I have standard vs. sport suspension?
Ride height is one way. Also looking at the shock body and getting the part # will tell you.

There are other things too, but they don't always tell the tale. Round airbag steering wheel is one way to tell as is sport seats and the 5 spoke ///M badged wheels.

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now, go burn your Man Card, and buy yourself a Camry....
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